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Frogs protect themselves from their enemies by how they can dive, swim, and remain hidden at the bottom of the water for a long time.


In some frogs’ skins, there is a very sour liquid that animals do not like.


Other frogs can squirt out a burning fluid when attacked or frightened, and this helps to protect them from their enemies.

There are some frogs, called Poison Dart Frogs, which are very poisonous.


The Golden Dart Frog has enough poison in one frog skin to kill up to 1,000 people!

These frogs are easily identified because they have very bright colors on their skin. They colors are usually bright red or yellow.



Other frogs who are not poisonous have adapted to protect themselves by also having bright colors on their skin.


These frogs can range in all different colors, and are very pretty to look at.

Because predators do not know the difference between the bright Poison Dart Frog and the brightly colored frog that uses the colors to mimic the Poison Frog, they also tend to leave the other frogs alone.






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